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Foundations of Project Management

Aros Business Academy
2 dage
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Become a Successful Project Manager

The role as a project manager is complex. Building the right teams, planning and evaluating the process, having good communication skills, and being a competent leader, are only a few of the things that you are expected to manage. Being a project manager demands you to manage a variety of different skills and roles. This course introduces you to the basic project management tools, which enables you to understand the role of a project manager and helps you facilitate projects more professionally.

Your benefits:

  • You become better at building and organizing teams, which strengthen both the teamwork and efficiency.

  • You get a better understanding at your own role as a project manager. Your new knowledge help you step into character while still being an empathic leader.

  • You become able to facilitate projects in the right directions and undertake risks analyses, which help you avoid costly mistakes.

This course enables you to

    • Facilitate and manage projects more professionally
    • Build and organize the best teams
    • Understand your own role as a project manager through a DiSC-analysis
    • Define your stakeholders and their importance
    • Be prepared for the possible risks that you might face
    • Adapt your communication and behaviour to other people

    The company's benefits:

    • When you become a better project manager, you avoid making costly mistakes, which helps create a good and healthy financial position for the company.

    • Your get a rich understanding of a variety of different project management tools and tips. After attending the course, you can share your new knowledge with your co-workers, which makes you a valuable sparring partner.

    • The company’s work environment and teamwork is affected in a positive direction by your new knowledge and hands-on experience from the training.

    Participate in this fundamental project management course and become better equipped to facilitate and lead projects with success.


    This course is for you who wishes to become better at organizing projects and wants to learn the foundations of project management.


    The course fee is 9500 kroner. Excl. VAT. 

    It includes: 

    • A personality DiSC test
    • Two days of training from 9.00-16.00
    • Adaption for you and your needs
    • Course materials
    • Carering during the course
    • A Diploma

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