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Mini MBA (English)

Aros Business Academy
34.000 DKK
34.000 DKK


AROS Mini MBA (in English)

Aros Mini MBA is probably Denmark’s most ambitious Mini MBA, developed in close co-operation with Denmark’s leading expert on management, Steen Hildebrandt. You get introduced to the essential MBA subjects and the ongoing ideas of management today.

Your benefits from the Aros Mini MBA

  • You build a solid practical and theoretical foundation for your management qualities that you can use and reach back to in the remainder of your professional life

  • Only the Aros Mini MBA offers you an oral examination and personal feedback. One of your highly professional instructors and the head of education at Aros Business Academy will conduct your examination

  • The professional participant network you build throughout the education keeps you updated, challenged, and informed after you have finished your Aros Mini MBA.

What is a Mini MBA

A Mini MBA is your opportunity to broaden your perspective as a leader and manager through an introduction to the classical MBA-disciplines. 
We have teamed up with one of the leading experts in management, Professor Steen Hildebrandt. He knows better than anyone, what you should rightly demand from an MBA. He has made sure that the core principles of the traditional MBA have been incorporated into our Mini MBA. Therefore, we can proudly claim that Aros Mini MBA meet the professional standards worthy of the MBA title.


Aros Mini MBA is for you who dare to reach the next level in your carrier. You are the type of person who always looks ahead, who thinks proactively. You have a drive; you have ambitions – both for you, your workplace and your colleagues

Aros Mini MBA is 100 % designed for you who want to become a better leader and manager – now or in the future. It is for you who yearn to become smarter; and for you who want your skills and competencies certified.

We know for a fact that you gain a lot of value by using leaders from different branches and management steps as your sparring partners. It is counterproductive for an education as this one to exclude participants based on age, experience, managerial level, or branch. Therefore, there is no official admission requirements for the Aros Mini MBA.


34.000 DKK

Prices are VAT excluded. It includes books, course readers, and exclusive catering during all course days. Payment due one week before first day of courses.

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