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Strategic communication

2 dage
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Develop your QA role

No matter what you are working with, you have one thing in common with all others within the organisation - there are always people who need to be convinced, motivated and inspired. Working in Quality Assurance means that there are high and sometimes conflicting demands on you from both the authorities and the organisation.
Although we wish that "everyone" should take responsibility for quality, we sometimes tend to think in terms “us vs. them”.

Course outcome

The attend of this course is to:

  • Improve your ability to influence and persuade by master the tools and to be able to communicate in a way that arouses interest and getting others to act on what is being said.
  • Learning how to manage stress and nervousness during confrontations.
  • To use actual examples to clarify and convince.

Course description

We review different tools for clear communication about e.g. requirements and expectations in different situations. These tools may help QA staff to be seen as positive leaders that inspires quality work - ambassadors for quality that has the overall understanding of the requirements and expectations.

We train the course participants to communicate with confidence so that the members of the organisation are willing to accept and act upon what is communicated. The structures and tools we use during the training can be applied in both large and small context.

During the course we mix presentations, workshops, case studies and practical exercises. The course is led by internationally renowned trainers in leadership and communication.

The course is carried out over 2 intensive days and 2 trainers will be working interactively with the participants. We aim for a high pace to make the course as efficient for the participants as possible. We always start from the participants' professional reality.


This course is intended for employees within the quality function who in their daily work must deal with, discuss, argue and justify quality issues. This course is for you who want to develop your role within the Quality Assurance organisation and help your business to improve the quality system operation.

You should have at least a couple of years experience of working with GXP / QS-related issues in the pharmaceutical and / or medical device operations so that you have encountered communication challenges in various situation.


Price of this course is 16.760 dkk excl. VAT.

Early bird price: 14.510 dkk excl. VAT.

Om udbyderen

Key2Compliance® er et uafhængigt internationalt netværk, der tilbyder kurser og produkter til forskellige funktioner i Life Science-branchen, fra udvikling til marked med hensyn til kvalitetssystemer og GMP-overholdelse.  Ved at hjælpe organisationer med at imødekomme GMP / QS-forventninger, forbedre arbejdsstyrkens viden...

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