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IWCF Drilling Well Control (Level 4)

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IWCF Drilling Well Control (Level 4)

IWCF Drilling Well Control (Level 4)

Get your Well Control certificate level 4 at Maersk Training

Do you already have a Well Control certificate level 3?
This level 4 course will submit the understanding of well control techniques for surface or subsea BOP installations at supervisor level according to International Well Control Forum standards.

Course Content

  • Well control equipment
  • API Recommended Practices and API Specifications
  • Introduction to formation pressures and strengths
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Dynamic pressure
  • Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD)
  • Gas law and fluid behaviour
  • Causes of kicks
  • Kick indications
  • Shut-in procedures
  • Compensating for choke line friction
  • Riser margin
  • IWCF kill sheets for vertical wells
  • Kill methods and kill problems
  • Well control in deviated wells
  • IWCF kill sheets for deviated to horizontal wells
  • Exercise and IWCF practical test
  • IWCF equipment test
  • IWCF principles & procedures test

Course Objectives

To be able to:

  • Show the principles and procedures used in well control operations with surface or subsea BOP stack as described in the IWCF Rotary Well Control Surface & Subsea BOP Stack Certification Syllabus.
  • Use the equipment for well control operations with surface or subsea BOP stack as described in the IWCF Rotary Well Control Surface & Subsea BOP Stack Certification Syllabus.
  • Show that a well control situation can be mastered by use of simulator according to IWCF standards.
  • Obtain sufficient knowledge about the course content to pass three tests with minimum 70% score.

Admission Requirements

Well control certificate, Level 3 or higher is required to sign up for Level 4.

The employer is responsible for assessing the level of training an individual should attend. Personnel should maintain at all times, certification appropriate to their current role within the operation and any dispensation should only be granted by the responsible well operator.

Target group

Recommended in addition to content covered in Level 3 training, wellsite supervisory and office-based personnel that are primarily involved with the well design and operational decision making process. Also those involed with potential well kill methodology should be trained to this high level.

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