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Dynamic Positioning Induction

Maersk Training
4 dage
29-08-2022 09:00  (Engelsk)
14.850 DKK
10-10-2022 09:00  (Engelsk)
14.850 DKK
21-11-2022 09:00  (Engelsk)
14.850 DKK

Dynamic Positioning Induction

Dynamic Positioning Induction

Get knowledge of the principles of Dynamic Positioning (DP) and learn to set up a DP system

The course will provide you with knowledge of the principles of Dynamic Positioning (DP) and a basic understanding of how to set up a DP system. You will get an understanding of the practical operation of associated equipment, including position reference systems. In addition you will learn to recognize the various alarm, warning and information messages. 

Furthermore you will be able to relate the DP installation to the ship system, including (but not limited to) power supply, maneuvering facility, available position reference systems and nature of work and to relate DP operations to existing environmental conditions of wind, sea state, current/tidal stream and vessel movement.

Course Content

The training is based on the program outlined by the Nautical Institute Scheme of Training. Training is a mix of theoretical sessions and practical exercises on Kongsberg DP stand-alone simulators. All training is conducted as classroom training.


Clear objectives are set in Nautical Institute’s Training Scheme summarized as follows:

DP Control Station

  • Define Dynamic Positioning and use of same.
  • Define main components in the DP system and role of same, including advantages and disadvantages in the use of the DP.
  • Discuss concept of mathematical model, and consequence analysis.

Power Generation and Management

  • Describe the power generation and distribution arrangements in a typical hybrid diesel/ diesel-electric DP vessel, with particular reference to system redundancy as described in IMO MSC Circ. 645 and vessel FMEA.
  • Describe the functions of a power management system as installed on Class 2 and Class 3 DP vessels and explain the concept of available power and spinning reserve in worst case failure.
  • Describe the provision of uninterruptible power supply to the DP system.
  • Propulsion Units
  • Describe the types of propulsion systems commonly installed in DP equipped vessels

Position Reference Systems

  • Describe the operation, principles and limitations of position reference systems in general.

Sensors (Heading, Motion, Environmental and External)

  • Describe all sensor inputs, how they work, what they do and limitations.
  • Describe the use of external force reference systems such as hawser tension, plough cable tension and pipe tension monitoring.

DP Operations

  • Describe/explain the need for procedures, checklists and logbook entries, emergency and contingency planning.
  • Describe the alarm messages provided on the DP system displays and on the DP printer, and recognize the alarms/warnings associated with loss of redundancy after worst case failure.
  • Explain the use of worksite diagrams using Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates, projections and datum.
  • List various providers of documentation and classification societies.
  • Describe the hazards associated with DP operations conducted in areas with very deep water, shallow water and/or strong tidal conditions.

Practical Operation of a DP System

  • Demonstrate the correct procedure for setting up on DP, and maneuvering in the different modes.

Admission Requirements


In order to be awarded a certificate of completion for the Induction course the trainee must pass an online assessment at the training centre. 

Admission Requirements

Defined by the Nautical Institute - please refer to the “DP Training Certification scheme – 2015” section 2, pages 7-8 on the NI website:

Target group

Officers or officer cadets, that want to start training towards a DP certificate.


The price for Dynamic Positioning Induction at Maersk Training is 14.850 DKK excludes applicable taxes.

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