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Perception Gap Analysis – Data-driven diversity and inclusion

A map makes it way easier to find somewhere you’ve never been. That’s what our Perception Gap Analysis is – it’s our map of every pitfall and dead-end between you and a culture of inclusion.

What does a Gap Analysis do?

It answers some pivotal questions.

Like: Who feels included, who doesn’t, and why?

Or: Who feels ‘like a fish in water’ (to use the Danish expression) and who feels like a fish out of it (to use the English one)?

A gap analysis allows to you see who you’re likely to retain – and who you’re about to lose.

Inclusion is the mortar to diversity’s brick – it’s what allows for diverse teams to flourish and diverse companies to innovate. And before we can do anything to help you with inclusion, we need a clear picture of how much of it you’ve got.

Using an online questionnaire, interviews, and focus groups, we’ll map everything that matters for creating a culture of inclusion, including:

  • Current levels of inclusion in your organization, unit or team
  • Perceived levels of belonging among different identity groups
  • The use of inclusive and exclusionary behaviors
  • Employee experience and engagement levels
  • Level of loyalty and duration of employment among different identity groups

We use all this data to bust whatever myths you’ve built up about who should be included and why – myths like how women aren’t ambitious (research shows they’re actually more ambitious than men) or how there is no equality gap between men and women (there is, and it’s bigger than you think).

We’ll also check up on you at least once a year, since a culture of inclusion isn’t a level to reach but a living organism, needing as much attention as an orchid.

Admittedly, we have a measurement mindset – we love basing complex matters on data rather than guesswork.

What’s the outcome of a Gap Analysis?

We’ll analyze all the data we collect and write up a comprehensive report – with graphs and diagrams and everything – showing how inclusive your organization is perceived to be.

Our clients are often surprised by the results.

One client in the financial sector saw that more than half of new female hires wanted to leave the company in 2 years because of the culture.

A shipping company saw that 92% of their employees wanted the company to do more about diversity and inclusion – even when the company thought they were doing okay in that area.

Clients in every sector found that women are more ambitious than men – and this has been confirmed by tons of research.

Why choose Living Institute for your Gap Analysis?

First, because we’ve done it – a lot. We’ve examined perception gaps at companies for over 18 years.

Next, most inclusion surveys consist of 1–3 questions tacked on at the end of an annual engagement survey. And these questions haven’t been validated (meaning it’s not clear if they actually measure what they’re supposed to).

To get a little nerdy here, our surveys are rigorously built through statistical methods in collaboration with researchers at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at DTU. So, you can be sure – within a reasonable degree of scientific certainty – that all the questions are relevant and measure what you want them to. Don’t believe us?Read all about it here.

To get even more nerdy, we also pair these quantitative data with qualitative insights from the focus groups and interviews, doing what we do best: keeping people right at the center.


All managers and change managers (including HR and recruitment)


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