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Master of Problem Based Learning in Engineering and Science, MPBL

Aalborg Universitet
2,5 år
Startdato: September - Aalborg
88.000 DKK Momsfri


Master of Problem Based Learning in Engineering and Science, MPBL

The Master in Problem Based Learning is a fully online, highly interactive and flexible e-Learning programme for faculty staff at institutions which want to change to Problem Based Learning (PBL) – or for faculty staff who just are interested in learning more about PBL.

The outcome of this education

The overall aim of this master’s programme is to support participants in achieving competences that will allow them to act as change agents in the introduction of problem based and project organised learning at the level of a single course as well as at the level of a curriculum or an institution within the context of engineering and science education, addressing diverse groups of students.

In order to achieve this aim, the MPBL programme has been designed according to the PBL principles, i.e. it is problem based and project organised. Participants work in teams with educational experiments designed to solve real-life educational problems, preferably located within their own teaching practice.

The completed Master's programme entitles participants to the title:

  • Master i problembaseret læring i ingeniør- og naturvidenskab (Danish)
  • Master in Problem Based Learning in Engineering and Science (English).

Program content

1. semester: Development of Teaching Competences

The semester aims to present the theoretical foundations of student centered teaching and active and collaborative learning, including PBL. The semester includes:

2. semester: PBL Models and Principles

The semester aims to present PBL principles and models together with methods of curriculum development and methods of facilitating students’ active learning. 

3. semester: Management of Change and Educational Evaluation

The semester aims to present theories of change management in the context of PBL and methods of evaluation of educational change. 

4. semester: Master's Thesis Project
The Master’s thesis project should be a problem based project that takes its point of departure in a problem area defined by the identified deficiencies in your fulfilment of programme learning outcomes.

Admission Requirements

  • minimum a relevant bachelor's degree
  • minimum two years of teaching experience or similar relevant work experience
  • written and oral command of English, which at least must be equivalant to English level B (Danish high school level) or one of the minimum test scores from e.g. the TOEFL or IELTS tests
  • experience with the use of IT at a user-level.


Tuition Fees

  • Full Master: DKK 88,000 / EUR 11,800 / Outside EU, EUR 14,060
  • Pr. semester: DKK 22,000 / EUR 2,950 / Outside EU, EUR 3,515
  • Single courses (5 ECTS): DKK 8,000 / EUR 1,075 / Outside EU, EUR 1,260

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Aalborg Universitet

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