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Excel Office 365 - Basic

Teknologisk Institut
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Get started and learn how to create easily accessible sheets. Acquire basic knowledge of Excel 2016, and learn the many small tricks, that will make your daily work easier.

Prior skills

Basic knowledge of Windows.

Profile of participants

For users, who want to acquire a solid, basic knowledge of Excel, so that they can work on their own, rationally and efficiently.


Basic elements

  • The Start screen in Excel
  • Default settings for saving of files
  • The elements of the Excel screen, and how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Tell me what you want to do: easier to find the functions
  • Connect to Office 365 Account

Save on the pc and in the cloud

  • Save and open Excel files on pc
  • Create and use templates, including Microsoft’s many templates
  • Save in the Cloud on OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Share with internal and external users versus send file as attachment

Basic elements

  • Insert, select, move and copy data
  • Create lists and Custom lists
  • Insert and delete columns and rows
  • Insert, delete, move and rename sheets


  • Create formulas with the basic calculation rules, use of operators and parentheses
  • Copy formulas to other cells
  • The use of relative and absolute cell references
  • Introduction to Excel’s own formulas


  • Formatting of text, tables, numbers, and dates
  • Conditional formatting: use of colours, data bars and icon sets
  • The use of themes and styles


  • Create header and footer
  • Page setup with margins and paper orientation, and fit to number of pages
  • Print sheets


  • Create, edit and format charts

Flash Fill and Quick analysis

  • Use of the function Flash Fill
  • Use of Quick analysis: shortcuts to conditional formatting, charts etc.

Data lists

  • Filter lists
  • Sort data
  • Format as table

Links between sheets

  • Links between sheets
  • Name cells and use names in sheets

Info from other programs

  • Info, Properties
  • Author, contact info

Flexible access to Excel on all platforms

  • Microsoft Excel on smartphone and tablet
  • Microsoft Excel Online


The course material is digital, the practical exercises and tasks is in paperform


The course is provided by an experienced instructor from Teknologisk Instituts instructor network.


Teknologisk Instituts vigtigste opgave er at sikre, at ny viden og teknologi hurtigt kan omsættes til værdi for vores kunder i form af nye eller forbedrede produkter, materialer, processer, metoder og organisationsformer.

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