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Dorte Ravn

Meet the founders

The founders of the HealLove method™, feel the world needs new approaches to heal the Heart-Body-Mind energies of any person suffering in love and life.

The HealLove method™ is different from conventional therapy by combining tapping with other energy modalities. Unless you remove the root cause in the subconscious mind and energy body, the same triggers and suffering will continue to create damage in your love life and life in general.

We now offer you an innovative approach to heal love and self-love and creating a consciousness of being worthy.

We replace fear with love and create a personal therapeutic transformation.

"Help yourself and your clients to be able to love, be loved, and live in love."

Dorte Ravn

Dorte Ravn is a transformational love coach who has been using the approach of energy psychology, energy work, and her intuitive abilities to heal and unlock the hearts of her clients.

Dorte Ravn has been certified in many different modalities. She is a certified advanced EFT, Matrix-re-imprinting practitioner, and Eden method certified practitioner. She has been an entrepreneur since 2017.

Dorte Ravn invented a way of working with clients to find, release, and transform their subconscious emotional coding.

Dorte Ravn's experience from working with hundreds of clients has given her a wide range of evidence of how it is possible to heal love very quickly knowing how to find the deeply embedded core roots in the subconscious mind. The clients afterwards experience love and life differently and they can create the love life for which they are longing.

Dorte Ravn was born in 1967 and she is a living example of her teaching. Dorte Ravn resides in Denmark. She is in a relationship and has two adult sons and a little grandson.

Hanna Luukko

Hanna Luukko is an Energy Therapist who has had a 30-year career in architecture but at the same time almost 20 years of experience in several energy work modalities. She is and has been working from Tibetan singing bowls to the subconscious work of Goal and Life Mapping to Energy Medicine.

Hanna Luukko is the creator of SEES physical business mind mastering, a technique to release stress and clear brain fog.

Hanna Luukko is also one of the founders and creators of the YICHO method - a program to give maximal synergy balancing Body-Mind strength.

For The HealLove method™, Hanna Luukko has created energy protocols to promote overall well-being as well as methods to heal trauma and emotions in Heart-Body-Mind energies.

Hanna Luukko was born in 1969 and is the mother of a daughter and four sons. She resides in Turku, Finland, with three younger children and her husband.

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Dorte Ravn

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Seppo Tanhua, 67-year-old pensioner and astrologer
14 maj 2024
I would say that this treatment combination is a magically effective addition to the genre of alternative treatments in Finland and the world.

I participated in Hanna and Dorte's Heal Love treatment session a few months ago and the whole thing shattered my skeptical preconceptions perfectly. Hanna started the session w...

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