Scholarship 2023
09 nov 2022

Update on Sustainability Scholarship 2023

Thank you so much for all your applications to the Sustainability Scholarship 2021 and 2022. We have received over 5000 applications combined and it has been a pleasure to read them all. 

Unfortunately we will not be offering Sustainability Scholarship in 2023. We are so happy for all the interest and applications we have received this year. It has been amazing to see how many young people is educating themselves in sustainability in all sorts of fields. We truly hope that you will continue your path towards making the world a better place and fighting to make the best green solutions for the future.

We believe that education is essential in battling climate changes. Learning about water supplies, arctic biology or circular economy in class and being part of a fellowship where you can create the best sustainable ideas is what we need to change the direction the climate is going in. 

There for we are so proud to have supported the two winners with 5000€ towards each of their tuition. We see it as our contribute to helping the minds of the future in fighting for our planet. 

We have had so incredibly dedicated finalists and winners both years and you can read more about their stories here.

Winner 2021 - Barry McLaughlin

Finalist 2021

Winner 2022 - Kate Morsink

Finalist 2022

Senest opdateret: 09 nov 2022
Emilia Rooed Pedersen
Digital Content Editor

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Finalists & Winner of the 2022 Sustainability Scholarship

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