Finalists & Winner of the 2022 Sustainability Scholarship
01 nov 2022

Finalists & Winner of the 2022 Sustainability Scholarship

Again this year we are thrilled to have received almost 2400 applications for the Sustainability Scholarship 2022. We have enjoyed reading all of them and we are exited to experience the dedication towards making the world a better place through all sorts of educations. It is truly inspiring! 

Amongst the 2400 people with a impactful story we have decided on a winner. On this page you can read all about the top 5 applicants for the scholarship and you can watch a full interview with the winner. 

Even though we can only grant one scholarship, we urge you to keep up the spirit because each of your impact and initiatives are going to do great in the world! You will contribute to a more educated and sustainable future.

Watch the reaction from this year's winner here:

The Finalists

Four distinguished applicants were chosen as finalists for the scholarship. A diverse selection of finalists are represented in this year’s top applications, including nationalities such as: Australian, German, Danish and Mexican. All students are enrolled in relevant sustainable Master's programs, and are without a doubt major factors in being globally-minded, academically distinguished, active in sustainable initiatives and projects, and both motivated and inspired to positively change the world.

Read about our four finalists and their inspiring stories.

Read about the finalists

The Winner

The chosen winner this year is a woman who is the true idea of a power woman, and everything we hoped to see in a candidate. We are thrilled to award the Sustainability Scholarship 2022 to her, and we can´t wait to see what she is going to achieve in life. She has already done amazing at her masters in Sustainability Management at Columbia University and you can read more about why she is the ideal candidate right here. 

Read more about Kate´s story.

Read about the winner

  | Read about last years winner here |

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Emilia Rooed Pedersen
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