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winner and finalists of's sustainability scholarship 2021

Finalists & Winner of the 2021 Sustainability Scholarship

We are overwhelmed by the amount of not only qualified, but also dedicated, empathic and truly inspiring applicants for the 2021 Sustainability Scholarship. The stories behind your motivation to alleviate climate change has made a substantial impact on us. We are grateful that so many of you funnel the energy from your previous negative experiences connected to global climate changes, into rock-solid determination to make a positive impact on the world through various initiatives, education and knowledge sharing. 

With 3600 initial applications, we are now thrilled to announce both the winner and finalists of the 2021 Sustainability Scholarship by Although we can only grant one scholarship, we urge you to keep up the spirit because each of your stories and each of your initiatives resonate in the world and contribute to a more educated and sustainable future.

Watch the reaction from this year's winner here:

The Finalists

Ten distinguished applicants were chosen as finalists for the scholarship. A diverse selection of finalists are represented in this year’s top applications, including nationalities such as: American, British, Canadian, Columbian, Hong Kongese, Indian, Irish, Italian and Pilipino. All students are enrolled in relevant sustainable Master's programs, and are without a doubt major factors in being globally-minded, academically distinguished, active in sustainable initiatives and projects, and both motivated and inspired to positively change the world.

Read about our ten finalists and their inspiring stories.

Read about the finalists

The Winner

This year’s winner does not only meet all of our criteria, he surpasses what we dared to hope for in our ideal candidate. We are therefore thrilled to award the 2021 Sustainability Scholarship to Barry McLaughlin. With a rich background in the field of sustainable initiatives, Barry pursues a sustainable future through a MSc in Development Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.

Read more about Barry’s story.

Read about the winner

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