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Aspiring Manager Course

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Aspiring Manager Course

Aspiring manager course 

Mastering IT Support Delivery

This qualification is designed for the IT Support operative aspiring to or being readied for a supervisory, or ultimately a management position. It covers two key areas:

  • The first area concentrates on the sizeable, fundamental shift in mentality and perspective necessary to commence a career in management.
  • The second area is a detailed comprehension of the nature and delivery of external support, such as that offered by the ICT industry’s vendors and manufacturers, Value-Added Resellers (VARs), distributors, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), which are collectively known as ‘The Channel’.

Learning Objectives

Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding and application of management principles as they pertain to IT Support in the following areas:

  • The technical mindset and how it essentially restricts managerial thinking
  • Philosophical and functional differences between operative, supervisor, team leader and manager in terms of what they do, how they do it, to whom they do it, and why they do it, and how they arrive at their different priorities and various Bases of Decision
  • Use of skillset management to resolve Single Points of Failure in the workgroup, and to replace oneself as a technical operative, in order to leave more time for managerial concerns and activities
  • How management goes beyond mere superiority – in particular, use the explanations and techniques of De Marco & Lister and others, pertaining to IT staff motivation and productivity, and workgroup coherence
  • Introducing how to convert yourself into a leader your staff will follow
  • Understanding and using the new relationship between the technician once a member of a workgroup and now leader of such a group, and the requisite behaviours, mentality and perspective
  • Making use of a full comprehension of differences between internal and external support to adjust workgroup practices and targets in meeting business needs
  • Takeaway: Introduction to essential management skills to get the new manager started
  • Takeaway: Develop and use a new, essentially managerial working-day to-do list


  • Operational-level technical staff from any part of IT who aspire to positions of supervision, team-leadership or management of others
  • Leaders of ICT workgroups experiencing difficulties in growing beyond their technical role
  • Managers requiring a quick refresher of the nature and mindset of their role in a technical context
  • Operatives being fast-tracked toward, or assessed for, future leadership role

Eksamen og diplom

  • Paper-based, in classroom invigilated by tutor
  • Open book – candidates may refer to course materials during examination
  • 30 multiple choice questions over maximum of 60 minutes (UK – 45 minutes)
  • Pass mark 21/30 (70%)
  • Results within 2 weeks; examiner’s decision is final

In case of failure, 2 maximum examination retakes (subject to training provider); thereafter, examination opportunities require entire course retake.


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