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Mohammad Bilal

The teaching method was perfect, the way our instructor delivered this course with examples from his work experience and by focusing on every student's picking capacity was just amazing, so about the teaching i think it was simply great. About the class schedule, if there were like 2 classes per week with a gap of three days minimum will give it like 5 plus stars. 😊

Well to be very honest i will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a carrier in Revit Architecture.
About pre-course worries, well i had some because i was out of branch for more than 8 years and thats why i was very nervous but the way our instructor connected with us is truly appreciable.
About Benefits, i would say now "I know revit" and certification is like cherry on the top because now i have something that shows that I am qualified enough.
Thank you Nti and thank you dear instructor.

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