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Management Centre Europe - Open Courses and In-Company Training

Management Centre Europe (MCE) is one of the largest Learning and Development Providers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Every year, MCE facilitates training programmes for over 1,000 organizations and over 10,000 managers and leaders through open training programmes, off-the-shelf training and in-company customized training.

Management Centre Europe has trained more than 400,000 managers since being founded in 1961. With a team of over 250 faculty who are both business people and passionate Learning and Development practitioners. Their goal is to support individuals, organizations and teams achieve maximum impact.

The Management Centre Europe Difference

MCE is different in 4 key ways: MCE training is hands-on and practical, our trainers are all business people just like you, MCE courses run all over Europe and MCE training is available in 3 main formats - Open Courses, Off-The-Shelf and Customized Incompany Programmes.

Management Centre Europe's Facilitators

Participants on MCE programmes benefit from highly qualified facilitators who are all business practitioners with real-world insights. Courses are held as transformational experiences that draw out the best of every individual, and collectively, the organisation.

Facilitators rather than classic trainers deliver MCE programmes. They are business professionals with strong international experience who are committed to ensuring that delegates fully understand and can implement what they are learning.

Practical and Hands-On Open Enrolment and In-Company Training Programmes with an International Focus

Management Centre Europe’s programmes are designed to be highly interactive and practical, to give delegates the opportunity to implement what they learn as soon as they resume their role.

MCE programmes are business focused, useful and practical. All MCE programmes are interactive, interesting, relevant and engaging. There is lots of group work, interaction and project work, so that delegates can learn and apply at the same time.  MCE ensures that international best practice is integral to every course, so that delegates can learn how to implement best practices in their organisations.

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Åben uddannelse
Handel og økonomi
Finans Længde Pris By Gennemsnit
Business Finance for Non-Financial Managers 3 dage 2.950 DKK Flere byer (9)
Ledelse og organisation
Advanced Leadership Programme 4 dage 5.250 DKK Flere byer (4)
Assertiveness Training for Women in Business 3 dage 2.950 DKK Flere byer (3)
Business Strategy and Planning for Managers 3 dage 3.450 DKK Flere byer (3)
Communicating Up, Down and Across the Organization 2 dage 2.450 DKK Flere byer (4)
Developing Executive Leadership 3 dage 3.450 DKK Flere byer (3)
Getting Results Without Authority 3 dage 2.950 DKK Flere byer (4)
Management Skills for New Managers 3 dage 2.950 DKK Flere byer (8)
Preparing for Leadership 2 dage 2.950 DKK Flere byer (4)
Successfully Managing People 3 dage 2.950 DKK Flere byer (9)
The Voice of Leadership 3 dage 3.450 DKK Flere byer (5)
Mini MBA
5-Day Mini MBA 5 dage 3.950 DKK Flere byer (9)
Personlig udvikling
Developing Personal Influence and Impact 4 dage 3.750 DKK Flere byer (6)
Projektledelse / projektarbejde
Successful Product Management 3 dage 3.450 DKK Flere byer (4)
Successful Project Management 3 days 2.950 DKK Flere byer (5)

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