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Working Environment §16

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Working Environment §16

Working Environment §16 Offshore

Improve safety and working environment on board 

Are you a crewmember of the safety group on board a Danish flagged vessel? This course will teach you how to work in the safety organization on board in order to improve the safety as well as the working environment. 

Train necessary Danish Maritime Legislation in order to serve as a foreign senior officer (except masters) on board a Danish ship. To obtain such skills that he/she is able in co-operation with other crewmembers to maintain and promote safety, health and well-being on board. Including assisting in resolving problems related to working environment on board.

Course Content

Learn about Danish Legislation history and structure and with weight on the rights and duties for seafarers. During the course the participants will work with different Act's and Orders. In groups they will work with the Danish Safety and Working Environment legislation. They will learn how to work in the safety organization on board in a structured way using, analyzing, problem solving, meeting and communication skills. There will be introduction to chemicals and other exposures affecting the health on short and long-term basis. They will work with Safety problems as in a Safety Organization on board and learn how to make risk assessment and Work Place Instructions.

In order to cover the amount of information there will be reading material for self studies before course start. The content of the pre-course material is part of the written test.

Course Objectives

After the course the participants will have gained knowledge in how to comply with Danish Legislation in particular to those acts and orders used during the course. Have knowledge of the penalty system and the rights and duties for all on board Danish flagged vessels. After the course the participants can be an active part of the Safety Organization onboard and know about meeting and teamwork skills. The participants are able to find relevant information in legislation, procedures and other publication.

Target group

All crewmembers, but mandatory for members of the Safety Group on board Danish flagged vessels.


The price for Working Environment §16 at Maersk Training is 6.400 DKK excludes applicable taxes.

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