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LOLER Banksman/Slinger

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LOLER Banksman/Slinger

Lift planning and risk assesment course - Banksman & Slinger LOLER

Lift planning and risk assesment course

This course will make you able to plan lifting routes and lay down areas, do a safe job analysis and risk assesment, able of correct use of radio and handsignal communication for safe lifting all this with understanding and knowledge of the requirements of marking equipment, user control, discard criterias, recommend pratice BS7121 LOLER 1998 and to do inspection of equipment.

Course objectives

  • Give examples of the result of incorrect use of lifting components and how this can be avoided
  • Show knowledge of the regulations regarding marking, documentation, use, maintenance, daily inspection and discard criteria of lifting gear
  • Choose correct lifting equipment and show correct methods of use
  • Direct crane operations safely using radio & hand signals
  • Develop and follow a lifting plan and risk assessment

Course modules

Theoretical training covering:

  • Calculation of lifting equipment capacities
  • Safe job analysis and Risk Assessment planning.
  • Equipment strengths and weaknesses
  • Slinging configuration

Practical training covering:

  • Lift planning and risk assessment
  • Lifting team basics
  • Blind Lifts
  • Slinging various types of load according to size, weight, shape and centre of gravity.
  • Choosing the correct lifting equipment
  • Visual check of slings (wire / fiber)
  • Visual check of lifting accessories

Target group

All personnel involved with rigging and slinging.

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