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Diversity & Inclusion Certification for HR Professionals

LIVING INSTITUTE - Diversity & Inclusion
4 dage
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Diversity & Inclusion Master Class & Certification for HR Professionals

Get the knowledge and the tools to become a capable and successful diversity champion

With increased global competition, how do companies attract and retain the greatest talents from a diverse workforce in the 21st century? And when we have succeeded hiring the best how do we create a culture that makes them want to stay?

The program consists of 3 modules facilitated over 4 days:

Module #1 - The Best Practice D&I Roadmap

The four components that will do the job:

• Drive – the business case and bottom line and the push from the top. Gap analysis – map the gaps and set the goals.

• Knowledge – identify the solutions, the initiatives, the dimensions, best practice, science and the stakeholders in your organization.

• Strategy – design the right way for your organisation to meet your goals.

• Action – implement the right solutions and follow up on results.

Module #2 - Eliminating barriers – reduce unconscious bias and other barriers to inclusivity.

Digging into science, best practices and the latest research on Diversity Intelligence and the greatest barriers to diversity. 

• The greatest barrier to inclusivity is unconscious bias.
Focus here is on uncovering the nature of unconscious bias and how it affects decision making processes by diving into cutting-edge knowledge from the world of research; neuroscience, psychology, sociology and behaviour.

• Covering cripples professional performance – how to create workplace environments where people feel comfortable being themselves.

• Create customized ‘nudges’ (i.e. behavioral changes) for specific situations and in specific teams.

Module #3 - Building and Implementing Strategies for Cultures of Inclusion navigating the minefields of exclusion and homogeneity

• Mapping present and future using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology

• Creating gender balance and inclusivity from top to bottom & the global war for talents – how to win.

• Digging into the knowledge and toolbox of change management.

• Creating and implementing individual D&I strategies.

Who can attend?

HR professionals and managers working in an environment with a high degree of diversity - or with an ambition to do so.

Eksamen og diplom




The consultants and counselors in LIVING INSTITUTE´s faculty have a profound hands on experience from businesses around the globe on top of an academic degree.
Our consultants and trainers are all excellent facilitators and skilled designers of impactful solutions resulting in behavioral changes.


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Om udbyderen

LIVING INSTITUTE - Diversitet og Inklusion

I LIVING INSTITUTE har vi siden 2004 arbejdet med alle aspekter af diversitet samt målinger og kulturanalyser, rådgivning og træning.  Skab en inkluderende kultur på din arbejdsplads, hvor alle, uanset nationalitet, køn, alder, etnicitet, seksuel orientering, religion og personlighedstype føler...

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LIVING INSTITUTE - Diversity & Inclusion

BLOXHUB, Bryghuspladsen 8, Entrance C, 3rd Floor
1473 København

Telefon: (+45) 35 26 26 26

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