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Allies forge the connections that make (or break) a culture of inclusion. 

By becoming an Ally, you’ll be able to make your company culture more inclusive. This’ll stop you from losing valuable talent as well as help you maximize their potential.

Allyship is about marshalling privilege to create harmony – it’s the salt that reveals the hidden flavors of the soup, making the entire dish stronger and more impactful (which in business terms, means greater productivity and a better bottom line). Allyship creates balance.

Our workshops can help you understand how to be an Ally – and thus harness the power of diversity in your teams.

Being an Ally means being curious about marginalised groups and adopting a mindset oriented towards growth, both for ourselves and others.Allies are open to learn about those with different backgrounds and experiences, recognizing those differences as part of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Companies without a clear understanding of Allyship will find their diversity initiatives hampered, disrupting the ability marginalised employees to thrive. When persons of privilege fail to provide these employees with adequate support, it becomes clear pretty quickly through a reduced access to the talent pool, higher staff turnover, and a lack of innovation.

How does Living Institute help you implement Allyship?

In our workshops on Allyship, we start by presenting the business case for how Allyship unlocks the power of diversity. We use concrete examples, and make it clear that anyone can be an Ally – after all, we all have privilege. We also draw on the latest research and data to explore the positive effects of Allyship within companies.


All managers and change managers (including HR and recruitment)


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Om udbyderen

LIVING INSTITUTE har siden 2004 arbejdet med alle aspekter af diversitet samt målinger og kulturanalyser, rådgivning og træning.  Skab en inkluderende kultur på din arbejdsplads, hvor alle, uanset nationalitet, køn, alder, etnicitet, seksuel orientering, religion og personlighedstype føler sig rummet...

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