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Luminary Future Leadership (Inkubator netværk for A-spillere)

Illumina International, i Frederiksberg
12 måneder
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12 måneder
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Become a luminary leader and create a bright future - for all 

An exclusive Network and Mastermind group for Visionary A-players committed to co-create a Bright Future for themselves and others.

The Luminary Future Leader Accelerator is an Exclusive Learning Network where A-players from different companies can connect on a deeper level and help each other rise to their next level. It´s a 12 month journey where members meet to get inspired by cutting edge trends in technology, business and spirituality and to Mastermind with the most Visionary people on the planet.

Gains for participants

  • In-depth knowledge of the new time rules of the game
  • Experience with cutting edge methods to bring out the best in yourself, in others and in teams
  • A effective space for reflection on how you and your organization can work smarter and thus achieve more with less
  • Experience in translating the new rules of the game into practice
  • A network of like-minded sparring partners.

What makes this program unique?

  • You will get introduced to the most cutting edge thoughtleaders and innovators, already changing the world, creating global movements or having invented solutions for the planet
  • There is a strong component of yin-power: the focus is not primarily on what you need to do, but who you need to BE in order to step up to your next level of (world) leadership
  • The program is not only about information and inspiration, but about transformation
  • There is a strong emphasis on personal development, transitioning from ego to Essence
  • Participants are aware that what got them to where they are is unlikely to take them to the next step: The rules of the game have changed
  • The program aims downright to develop superheroes and superheroines.


  • We will work with all intelligences: IQ, EQ, SQ, PQ, CQ
  • We will use methods spanning from hardcore science based brain training to kundalini yoga and shamanic work
  • We will meet futurists, quantum physicists and enlightened masters
  • We will practise methods of the 21st Century leadership, such as downloading evolutionary solutions from the collective intelligence together
  • We will grow our brainpower by exposing ourselves to radically different perspectives and experiences.


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Selection criteria

You do not qualify for this unique program if you don´t have all of the following:

  • A Go Giver attitude: awareness that you get what you give, and more.
  • Karma consciousness: treat others like you would like to be treated
  • Interest in personal development
  • A learning mindset (vs fixed mindset)
  • Openminded- and hearted-ness towards new: new generations, technology, foreign cultures, perspectives, practices, habits & paradigms.
  • Commitment to serve Humanity.

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Illumina International
Prince Constantin's Vej 5
2000 Frederiksberg

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