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Food hygiene course in English as e-learning, Almen fødevarehygiejnekursus, kursusnr. 45780

eSmiley (tidl. Komply / Alimentas)
Kursustype: E-learning
Sted: Fjernundervisning
Pris: 354 DKK ekskl. moms

Food hygiene course in English as e-learning, Almen fødevarehygiejnekursus, kursusnr. 45780

Food Hygiene Course

The hygiene course is taken online on the Internet and the student is carefully guided through the syllabus required to pass the final examination.

Study food hygiene when you have time

The advantage of taking the hygiene course online is, that the student can choose his or her own place and time and also work at a  pace which the student finds convenient and suitable.

The course os approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food administration and entitles the student to work with preperation of food in all danish food companies.

The course can be taken in Danish, English, Turkish og Polish.

Lay-out of the courseFood Hygiene Course

The course consists of 7 modules.

  • Primary Produce
  • General Microbiology
  • Self-Inspection
  • Production
  • Storage
  • Control of Foodstuffs
  • Cleaning, Personal Hygiene and Maintenance

    Each module ends with a test with 10 questions. You must have 75% correct answers to pass the test, before you can continue to the next module. If you don't get 75% correct answers, you will be sent back to read to the module again.

    Target group

    The target group of this food hygiene course is employees with no vocational education – working in kitchens, restaurants, grill bars, cafés, pizzerias, burger bars, petrol stations and similar. The course is imperative when preparing or heating up dishes with meat, pizzas, sandwiches and other easily perishable foods. This also applies to staff working at continuation schools, nursing homes etc, who just works in the kitchen from time to time.


    Kr. 490 ex tax, or 612,50 incl. tax

    All training material is included in the price.

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    eSmiley (tidl. Komply / Alimentas)

    eSmiley (tidl. Komply / Alimentas)

    eSmiley - hygiejnekurser og ernæringskurser

    eSmiley (tidligere Komply / Alimentas) er et konsulentfirma, der er specialiseret i fødevarehygiejne. Vi har medarbejdere i hele landet, og kan derfor hurtigt og nemt klare opgaver i hele Danmark. eSmiley er godkendt af Fødevarestyrelsen som rådgiver ved påbud om fødevarehygiejne,...

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    eSmiley (tidl. Komply / Alimentas)

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