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Marianne Andersen - CEO, Robobusiness Europe




Marianne Andersen - CEO, Robobusiness Europe Marianne Andersen - CEO, Robobusiness Europe

The joy of acquiring new theoretical knowledge and the need for more practical tools to succeed in her job and advance her career. These were the main reasons why Marianne Andersen decided to join the MBA program at AVT Business School.

»I was an electrical engineer working as a business development manager in the health care industry, so I felt a strong need for a better understanding of business theory and also wanted to enhance my leadership skills. I have always loved to learn new things and was looking for an education that could give me a broad knowledge of business management in a reasonably short period of time,« says Marianne Andersen.

»I already had an EBA (Engineering Business Administration) certificate which is a great management education, but it is only for engineers – and engineers have a tendency to look at things in the same way. The MBA program, however, is for all kinds of people with very different backgrounds and that allows you to learn from many other industries. That is very important to me, because I want to be able to think different and be a game-changer in my field.«

With two teenagers at home, she had family responsibilities on top of her extensive workload, including lots of travelling around the world and, therefore, decided to start off fairly easy with the CBA program that
could be completed in just six months. The CBA, however, turned out to be such a great experience that she soon decided to move on to the MBA.

»I knew that I wanted to become a managing director one day and realized that I needed more skills and knowledge to get there. I, therefore, made an agreement with one of my closest friends in the class that we would take a break after the CBA and then join the MBA program the following year. And we did. I can safely say that the MBA is an excellent education and that I would not be where I am today without my MBA degree,« says Marianne Andersen.

Last year she was hired as the CEO of RoboBusiness Europe, a newly established company. RoboBusiness Europe facilitates networking between companies – from startups to established companies – investors,
universities and other stakeholders working within Robotics and Internet of Things. This year, a conference was held in Odense in Denmark and next year a conference will be held in Delft in the Netherlands.

A Game-Changer

»We are building a unique network of stakeholders within a fast-growing business and trying to establish a successful business model that will allow us to become gamechangers within our field. For that purpose, we need to figure out how we can benefit from our extensive network of suppliers, speakers, investors, start-up companies and other stakeholders in a business area in rapid growth. That is a very exciting challenge.« Marianne Andersen and her classmates went on three study trips during their MBA studies – to Harvard University in Boston, to Silicon Valley in California and to Shanghai in China.

»As an electrical engineer with a commercial background, I have always worked in high-tech companies looking at what is needed to grow a certain business. What especially inspired me in Silicon Valley was the number of start-up companies that are present there and how small companies can disrupt bigger ones over night. I now work in Robotics and Internet of Things and it is very exciting to be close to this fast growing market and to follow the almost daily changes,« says Marianne Andersen.

Looking back, she is happy that she decided to take the MBA at AVT Business School. »The MBA gives you the perfect overview of the entire business. You get the theoretical knowledge you need to understand almost every business discipline and you get a number of practical tools that you can apply to situations in your own company. AVT added a global perspective because my teachers where international professors from the United States, England and the Netherlands and they introduced me to case studies that showed how large companies from around the world deal with real-life challenges. That was very insightful,« says Marianne Andersen, who finds the MBA especially valuable to someone in her current position.

A Perfect Match

»The MBA is a perfect match for a CEO in a small company where there is no HR or law department to rely on. You need to be able to do a little bit of everything yourself and that is exactly what the MBA offers you.«

The greatest gift she got from her time at AVT Business School, however, was the people she met.

»AVT made me part of a fantastic network of talented and ambitious people with very different skills and backgrounds and those contacts have since been of enormous value to me and my company.«

Marianne Andersen is part of VL group 99 that was founded by her MBA classmates.

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