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Lene Lange - Lawyer & Partner, Lett




Lene Lange - Lawyer & Partner, Lett

Law firms have a reputation of being old-fashioned and set in their ways and if you ask Lene Lange, lawyer and partner at LETT law firm, the reputation is well deserved.

»It will be increasingly difficult for law firms to keep up competitive advantage because the law firms are very conservative in their mindsets and have not changed much over time. We go about our business in the way that we have always done – and that is why law firms are not always in tune with what the business world is in need of,« says Lene Lange.

The solution, in her opinion, is for the legal profession to move in a more businessoriented direction.

»Law firms need to be driven more like regular businesses if they are to succeed. The legal profession is not very innovative and lawyers typically work towards personal, short-term goals. We have to change our general mindset and focus on the long-term goals that benefit the entire company if we are to succeed in the future,« says Lene Lange.

She believes that there is a need for a completely different approach to leadership. »It is my experience, that there is a lack of leadership in most law firms – and that goes for LETT as well. The difference is that the top management at LETT has realized that there is a need for more and better leadership at department level and have made it a strategic priority by putting leadership on the corporate agenda,« says Lene Lange.

The goal is to turn LETT into a modern and sustainable business and part of the effort has been to offer four of the younger partners – among them Lene Lange – a better understanding of business management and leadership. They have been signed up for the Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) at AVT Business School and it is the intention that the education will become part of LETT’s talent development program.

»The education is helping us in the process of developing a common starting point and is giving us a shared understanding of where we are today, where we need to go and, not least, how we are to get there. I am sure that the tools and knowledge we acquire will have a significant impact on our business and support us in taking LETT to the next level,« says Lene Lange.

Food for Thought

She has 12 years of leadership experience and holds Graduate Diplomas in leadership but the CBA program has opened her eyes to a whole new world and allowed her to grow as a leader.

»Leadership comes natural to me but the CBA has given me a chance to get out of the trenches and take a bird’s eye view of leadership and business management. It has given me a more structured approach to leadership and I am sure it will make me a stronger and more confident team leader,« says Lene Lange who has also grown on a personal level.

»The CBA is a fantastic opportunity to build on your professional skills and personal abilities. There is a lot of food for thought in the program and I have truly been inspired by the books, I have read, and the lectures, I have attended. It has offered me new insights into myself and my surroundings and given me a better understanding of why we act as we do. It has really fueled my personal engine and sparked a new desire to lead.«

She is very happy with her choice of AVT Business School because she likes the very different approach that AVT has taken to teaching – compared to most other business schools and universities.

»I think it is a great solution that the professors at AVT are flown in from around the world to teach us because it offers unique access to a great variety of experiences and different approaches to learning. It offers an excellent kind of diversity that I have never experienced before – and it is a major reason why I have left each class feeling even more energized and committed than before,« says Lene Lange.

Return on Investment

The CBA program is not only designed to grow and develop the individual students but is also intended to benefit their companies. The students are required to complete eight different assignments that focus on leadership and different areas of business management – and all assignments have to address actual challenges in their own companies. »All the papers I have written have been directly applicable to some of the challenges we are faced with at LETT and have served as input to the decision-making process.,« says Lene Lange.

The CBA is an independent leadership program that takes eight months to complete but it is also the first part of the Master of Business Administration (MBA). Lene Lange is hoping that she will be allowed to continue on and be able to complete the remaining two modules.

»It is my clear ambition that I can continue on and in the end graduate with an MBA diploma. It is at the top of my personal agenda. I believe that it will benefit the company – and I hope it will be possible for me to make use of an MBA in LETT – but I also see it as an opportunity to strengthen my own resumé and as a way of securing my future career,« says Lene Lange.

She will attend her last day of classes in the CBA program at the end of March and receive her CBA diploma at a graduation ceremony at Børsen in October.

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