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Henning Langberg - Professor & CEO, Copenrehab




Henning Langberg - Professor & CEO, CopenrehabHenning Langberg - Professor & CEO, Copenrehab

Many scientists have a hard time convincing potential investors that their research can be turned into viable business ventures. Professor Henning Langberg has faced that problem many times.

»It often goes wrong when scientists and business managers try to communicate because they simply do not speak the same language. Scientists do not understand the demands and conventions that are at stake in the business world and business managers have a hard time seeing the business potential in research areas that they do not understand,« says Henning Langberg, professor of human biology and CEO of CopenRehab at the University of Copenhagen.

Henning Langberg is a scientist himself, but he is also a serial entrepreneur involved in many start-up companies in sports medicine and health care. At one point, he
realized that he needed to learn the language of the business world if he was to succeed as an entrepreneur and decided to study for an MBA to achieve his goals.

Bilingual Entrepreneur

»The MBA has offered me a number of tools that have helped me bridge the gap between the medical sciences and the business world – especially tools related to strategy development and innovation. It has put me in a unique position where I am able to speak both languages and can make myself understood to all parties. This offers me a great advantage because it allows me to attract funding for scientific projects and to turn the research results into business ventures with significant growth potentials,« says Henning Langberg.

He believes that health care will be the next big business area because of the growing number of people in North America, Europe and Asia that are suffering from lifestyle diseases. CopenRehab is focused on improving the quality of life for people with these types of chronic diseases through physical activity.

»We want to develop innovative health care solutions for people with chronic diseases such as COPD, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases and musculoskeletal diseases and carry out research into how rehabilitation can be reordered. The goal is to make it easier for the patients to improve their health, but also to find investors that are able to see the business potential in the solutions that have the greatest effects on the patients’ quality of life.«

Henning Langberg is close to completing his MBA studies at AVT Business School and is happy that he chose a school with a practical approach to real-life business challenges.

A Real-Life Business Focus

»I have studied for many years in the past and have a lot of theoretical knowledge. Therefore I wasn’t particularly interested in another education that required me to read a lot of heavy books. That is why I chose ATV. I like the case study method that allows you to learn from the mistakes and successes of other companies and I find that extremely useful and easy to apply when I have to deal with difficult situations,« says professor Henning Langberg.

He has made the most of his time at AVT Business School by using the many project assignments to address some of
the challenges that he has been faced with at the university as well as in his own startup companies. He has also grown as a leader due to the leadership development process that is a unique part of the MBA program at AVT Business School.

»Great leadership is driven by your ability to understand yourself and build on your strengths. The process, that I have taken part in, has given me a number of leadership tools that have had a huge impact on me personally and definitely made me a stronger leader. It has been very rewarding and I benefit from the experience on a daily basis.«

Henning Langberg will graduate from the MBA program in the fall. 

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