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2 Year MBA // Master of Business Administration

AVT Business School
2 år
Åben uddannelse
Startdato: The program starts five times a year - København
348.000 DKK ekskl. moms


The Master of Business Administration - AVT Business School

Master of Business Administration // MBA - 2 år

Studying for an MBA at AVT Business School is a life-changing experience that offers a whole new perspective on business and on the future role of the successful business leader. The MBA program is a first-rate learning experience that will bring out the best in you and allow you to discover your full business potential.

We will stimulate your curiosity and creativity and you will reach a new level of confidence that will allow you to see and seize new business opportunities. You will benefit from an individual leadership development process that will make you a stronger team leader and able to lead with vision and purpose. And you will grow as a person and realize that there are no limits to what you can achieve if you set your mind to it – and work hard.

The MBA program will give you the tools and knowledge – and the degree – you need to increase your career opportunities significantly and allow you to shape your own future.

3 Different paces

AVT Business School offers one MBA program but at three different paces. You can choose to complete the MBA program in 18, 24 or 36+ months. The Flexible MBA allows you to set your own pace and to join the program in either January, April or September. If you join the program in April and take breaks between the modules it will take you 36 months to complete the program.

Why MBA?

  1. Discover your full business potential and make a significant difference in your organization
  2. Become an extraordinary leader with the ability to lead with vision and purpose
  3. Develop your creativity and build the confidence to see and seize new business opportunities
  4. Increase your career opportunities significantly and be in charge of your own future

The MBA program

It is divided into three modules of eight months each:

  • Digital, Leadership & Transformation
  • Purpose, People & Performance
  • Strategy, Innovation & Growth

You can choose to begin with either the Digital Leadership module in January, the Influential Leadership module in April or the Strategic Leadership module in September.


In order to be admitted to the MBA program, you need to live up to the formal admissions criteria:

  • A minimum of five years of relevant experience
  • At least a bachelor’s degree
  • An acceptable level of English

Applicants with substantial business and leadership experience can be admitted even if they do not live up to the criteria of holding at least a bachelor's degree.

Application Process

To apply for admission to the MBA program, you need to fill out an application form. You will subsequently be invited to a personal interview in English as part of the application process.

During the interview, you will be tested on your ambition, drive, learning ability and leadership potential. The goal is to ensure that you have the right mindset and that every MBA class is made up of like-minded people with the same level of ambition. 


AVT Business School has been AMBA accredited since 2012.

Completing the MBA program will earn students a total of 72 ECTS points.


Prices for 2-year MBA  

Strategy, Innovation & Growth

  • Tuition Fee DKK 99,500

Digital, Leadership & Transformation

  • Tuition Fee DKK 99,500

Purpose, People & Performance

  • Tuition Fee DKK 99,500

Final Integrated Strategy Project on the third and final module

  • Tuition Fee - DKK 50,000

Total tuition fee DKK 348,500 - if paid per module

All fees include study materials, text books, online learning platform, all day catering. Fees are excluding VAT.

Study Tour
There are optional study tours going to South Africa. The price is approx. DKK 25.000 plus own travel expenses.

AVT Business School

AVT Business School

AVT “Association of Visionary Thinkers” Business School er en officielt akkrediteret Executive MBA-skole, der tilbyder efteruddannelser til ambitiøse og visionære ledere. Vil du undervises af folk fra Harvard, MIT, London Business School, Berkeley, INSEAD, m.fl. indenfor bl.a. Leadership in a...

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Kontaktinformation til AVT Business School

AVT Business School

Sankt Annæ Plads 11, 1 Sal
1250 Copenhagen K

Telefon: +45 70208828 Uddannelsens hjemmeside

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Kræn B. Nielsen
The experience and learning at AVT has been great - The Professors have been lecturing at a very high level and in many ways changed the way I approach challenges now. The study group has also provided strong friendships and network that is "Build to last". I highly recommend the AVT MBA and wish the 2012 class Great success!
John Andersson
3 days of School and already a game changer.
Nels Rune Jensen
Hvis du gerne vil flytte din karriere til det næste niveau, er AVT stedet for dig!
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Flemming Bille joined the MBA program to find a new job, but ended up saving his company.

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Marianne Andersen - CEO, Robobus...

The MBA gave Marianne Andersen the tools she needed to advance into senior management, but is also helping her business in becoming a success.

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Christian Christiansen - CEO, Kø...

En MBA fra AVT Business School har været en ekstra drivkraft i Christian Christiansens karriere. Fire år efter han dimitterede, er han nu klar til sin første stilling som CEO. 

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Henning Langberg - Professor & C...

The MBA is helping Henning Langberg to close the gap between science and business.

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