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Aros Project Management Programme

Aros Business Academy
6 dage
København, Århus
Startdato: 12-09-2022 - København
23.500 DKK ekskl. moms


Manage a Complex Work Life

The role as a project manager is complex. You need to handle a variety of different roles and juggle multiple tasks at the same time. You are expected to build the right teams, plan the project, analyse stakeholders and possible risks, make budgets, and close and evaluate project. During the course, we will focus on the many facets of the role as a project manager. You will gain a solid practical and theoretical foundation for facilitating projects, which will make you a competent and successful project manager.

Your benefits:

  • You gain insight into your own role as a leader and facilitator through a DiSC test. This helps you understand your own strengths and weaknesses, which helps improve your position as a project manager.

  • You learn to adapt your communication depending on whom you are talking with. This helps avoid conflicts and makes you an more empathic leader.

  • You build a solid practical and theoretical foundation for facilitating projects. Your new knowledge helps you handle the variety of tasks that you are required to manage as a project manager and makes you better at organizing complex projects.

The price of poor leadership is high. During the programme, you learn to make the right decisions and lead your projects in the right direction, which will save your from making costly mistakes. You also get an insight into some of the best project managing tools and methods, which will make your processes more effecient and help you organize your teams better. When you learn to streamline the work processes and optimize the efficiency, the company’s finansiel position will be significantly improved.

The company's benefits:

  • When you become a better decision-maker, you are able to avoid possible risks. This saves the company from making costly mistakes and improves the efficiency.

  • With your acquired knowledge on how to build and organize the right teams, you get better at avoiding possible conflicts, which will improve the teamwork and work environment.

  • When you gain knowledge on some of the best and most effective project managing tools and methods, you become a sublime sparring partner to the top management.

Join this Project Management Programme and become a professional project manager. You will learn to plan, control, execute, and close projects with success.


The Aros Project Management Programme is for you who wishes to gain a better understanding of the role as a project manager and who wants to facilitate project more professionally.

You may have participated in the Foundations of Project Management course or gained a fundamental base of knowledge from practical experience.


The course fee is 23500 kroner. Excl. VAT.

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Aros Business Academy

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