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PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner – Classroom Course & Exams

Adding Value Consulting AB (AVC)
31-05-2021   (Engelsk)
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28-06-2021   (Engelsk)
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PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner – classroom course

Perfect for any project professional currently operating in or considering a career in a PRINCE2® project environment.

PRINCE2® (Projects In Controlled Environments) is a process-based approach for project management providing an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects. The method is the de-facto standard for project management in the Nordics and is practiced worldwide.

Introduction Adding Value Consulting Who are we?

AVC is a leading ATO (Accredited Training Organization), which organizes courses in the Nordics, regarding the following leading practices; PRINCE2, PMP, IPMA, MSP, MoP, P3O, MoR, Managing Benefits, Change Management, ITIL4, SAFe, SCRUM and many others.

Adding Value Consulting introduced PRINCE2 in Scandinavia in 2006 and has since promoted the method's growth in the Nordic region.

Introduction PRINCE2®

PRINCE2 leads to greater control of the quality, scope, time, risk, resources, benefits and not least the budget. It is the most widely used project management method in Scandinavia, (and worldwide) and continues to grow in both the private and public sectors.

The best thing about PRINCE2 is that it is so flexible that it can be tailored easily regardless of the size of the project or activity. PRINCE2 provides concrete tools and guidance for effective management of projects. In addition, the PRINCE2 certification is regarded as a mark of quality that will increase the value of the employee and the company's professional profile.

Foundation is the base level where you learn all the terms and PRINCE2 concepts. It gives you a good overview of PRINCE2. Do you need to apply PRINCE2 in your work? In that case we would recommend you follow even the Practitioner course, which is more profound.

"Just passed my Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner exams.
With a great score! I am soooo happy.
Thank you AVC, you guys are the best!"

Karin Ericsson

The PRINCE2® Certifications

The PRINCE2® Foundation level introduces delegates to the PRINCE2 project management methodology. This three-day course provides enough information for all those involved in PRINCE2 to understand their role and responsibilities and to understand how this methodology will be applied on projects. Directly after the course delegates will be able to sit the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

The PRINCE2® Practitioner level provides the opportunity to manage and apply the concepts of the PRINCE2 methodology in a project scenario and prepares participants for the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination. This is a two-day classroom-based course, mainly aimed at Project Managers, and is very detailed with a focus on scenarios and how to apply the theory. The Practitioner examination can be taken on the afternoon of the second day.

The PRINCE2® Agile level is the world’s most complete project management solution, combining the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 Agile allows projects and Project Managers to focus on both management and delivery and enables the project manager to scale work to precise requirements. This new guidance will work with any established agile approach and is a collaboratively built program that is corporate-friendly. PRINCE2 Agile examination and certification is available to qualified PRINCE2 Practitioners.

Why AVC for PRINCE2 education?

Our PRINCE2 classroom courses are designed to help the participant pass the exams, but more importantly we want the participant to be able to apply the PRINCE2 method to projects in practice. That is why our classroom courses are based around a real-life case study with scenarios to walk through each stage of the project lifecycle. The case study will enable the participant to understand the best practice way of applying the PRINCE2 method to deliver a successful project.

The participant will learn the theory but in a fun and engaging way.

PRINCE2® Foundation

Our PRINCE2 Foundation training course is fully accredited by the Peoplecert on behalf of Axelos. This PRINCE2 Foundation online training course will cover everything you need to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation examination first time. So, whether you’re new to PRINCE2 or experienced and are just looking to update your PRINCE2 knowledge then the PRINCE2 Foundation course is worth considering.

This PRINCE2 Foundation course is running at a near 100% pass rate so you can be assured if you chose to study the PRINCE2 Foundation training course you will be using the highest quality PRINCE2 course on offer in the project management industry.


  • Understand the philosophy and structure of PRINCE2
  • Understand the benefits that can accrue from the implementation of a structured project management method such as PRINCE2
  • Explain the PRINCE2 process model.
  • Understand the PRINCE2 themes
  • Create a Project Brief
  • Create a Project Organization Structure
  • Initiate a project and create Project Initiation Documentation
  • Appreciate the use of PRINCE2 products and plans.
  • Apply progress control mechanisms.
  • Appreciate the principles of PRINCE2 Quality Management
  • Apply change control mechanisms.
  • Realize the importance of Configuration Management.
  • Use the PRINCE2 Risk Management approach
  • Tune PRINCE2 for differing environments

PRINCE2® Practitioner

The PRINCE2 Practitioner Course provides an opportunity to apply the concepts of the PRINCE2 methodology to a scenario and prepares participants for the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination.


Following the completion of the training course the participants should be able to:

  • Produce detailed explanations of all principles, processes, activities, and themes, and worked examples of PRINCE2 products as they might be applied to address the circumstances of a given project scenario.
  • Understand the relationships between principles, processes, activities, themes and PRINCE2 products.
  • Understand the reasons behind the processes, activities, and themes of PRINCE2 and understanding the principles underpinning these elements.


PRINCE2 Foundation

  • PRINCE2 overview
  • Introduction case study and test sample questions
  • Introduction PRINCE2 principles
  • Introduction PRINCE2 themes (toolboxes) -
    Business Case; Organisation; Plans; Risk; Quality; Change; Progress
  • Introduction PRINCE2 processes- Start a project; Initiate a project; Check a phase; Control product delivery; Control a Phase Transition; Managing a project; Finish a project
  • Example of a PRINCE2 project
  • Printable PRINCE2 documents (all official PRINCE2 templates)
  • A comprehensive collection of document templates to start the implementation PRINCE2
  • PRINCE2 Glossary (many other languages are available on request and free of charge!)
  • Literature in pdf; 'The Essence of PRINCE2'
  • Printable PRINCE2 process model

PRINCE2 Practitioner

  • PRINCE2 principles; How to use and tailor these in real projects.
  • PRINCE2 themes; How to use and tailor these in real projects.
  • PRINCE2 processors; How to use and tailor these in real projects.
  • Activity-based case study
  • Test exam questions: questions, answers and explanations
  • Official PRINCE2 manual (paper-based) will be sent to you by post.


PRINCE2® Foundation Certification

  • 1 hour
  • 60 multiple-choice questions
  • 55 percent right is required for passing
  • Approved course participants receive the PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate from Peoplecert/ AXELOS.

PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification  

  • 2.5 hours 
  • Objective test
  • 68 questions
  • 55 percent right is required for passing
  • Book may be used (PRINCE2® manual only)
  • Approved course participants receive PRINCE2® Practitioner Certificate from Peoplecert / AXELOS


“Very good supplier of courses and certifications. Have been a customer of AVC for quite a few years and always come back to them when I need a course or certification. I am very pleased with the quality and service AVC delivers.”
Stefan Månsson

“Very good project method! Fantastic education. I got the use of PRINCE2 immediately after the training and I can say that PRINCE2 helped me! Many thanks to Adding Value Consulting and for PRINCE2! ” Lisa Persson

“Over the past week, I have been exploring and learning the PRINCE2 project management model. PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course trained by Adding Value Consulting. Good teaching with lots of real cases. I received two certificates and a new toolbox to use in future projects, as a project manager or in a senior position. In particular, it will support me in creating the right structure and mandate right from the start of the project: focus on a product-based planning strategy, business motivation and benefits throughout the project life cycle. I can highly recommend this course.” Patrik Hansson

“Last week I attended a course to get a PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner certificate. It was a very intense and challenging week, but it was also fascinating and engaging. The AVC trainer is an experienced PM and consultant with deep knowledge of various aspects of managing a project. He instructed the week with lots of real examples and case studies, very interesting discussions. I left the course with two certificates and a new perspective on how to run a project based on the PRINCE2 principles. BIG THANKS TO AVC! ” Yasmine H.

“I have worked as a project manager for more than 15 years. I was surprised at how much I learned during this course. I wish I had done this course earlier! The course really inspired me, to work more efficiently, plan better, how to handle risk and change, how to tailor Prince2 to real projects, etc. Prince2 is suitable for small but also large and complex projects. Prince2 is also quite Agile with the right control needed. The coach was amazing. Not just a coach, but also an entertainer! I've never learned so much. Thanks Adding Value Consulting! ” Lisa Holm

“PRINCE2 is one of the certification courses we organize together with AVC. This course is one of the most popular internally with us. Very good educator who makes the education really inspiring. For a few years, we have certified our employees in PRINCE2, which has made us much better organized, controlled and structured. It really helps that everyone understands the language PRINCE2. Minor miscommunication and misunderstanding. Minor reporting and meetings. And most importantly, efficient and successful projects. Many thanks to the inspiration from AVC and their trainers. ” Malin Svanström

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