Influence Mastery

Acuity World
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Startdato: 11-11-2017 - Holte
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Influence Mastery

Influence Mastery

Do you want the skills of a Master Influencer … someone who creates change and moves people with ethics and complete integrity?

Many people think of influence as a mysterious and highly technical skill or something that some people are just born with, and maybe you think about influence this way. Other people think influence means manipulating people against their will, and making them do things they do not want. However, Master Influencers actually help people get more of what they want in their life, in their relationships and in their business. The key difference is that Masters of Influence know how to help people get more of what they want for themselves, while finding mutually rewarding and collaborative ways of getting there.

The Influence Mastery™ Master Classes at Acuity World span four years with  Dr. Joseph Riggio. Each Master Class covers a vital aspect of influence mastery:  1. Engaging Ethically; 2. The Magic of Framing; 3. Strategic Influence; and 4. Creating Outcomes with Others. 

The power of Acuity World Master Classes are based on two unique things …

First - the way Dr. Riggio works with a group goes beyond just practical learning, meaning not only what you do, but installing the learning directly into your way  of being.

Second - each two-day workshop focuses on delivering real-world knowledge  and skills that you can apply immediately in your life and your business. 

Tid og sted


  • Day 1:  9.00-17.00
  • Day 2: 10.00-17.00 


PLP students can get 50% discount on Master Classes. 

Acuity World

Acuity World

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Acuity World er en førende international udbyder af træning, coaching og rådgivning af ledere, sælgere og andre professionelle i både private virksomheder og det offentlige. Vores mission er at hjælpe organisationer til at opnå ultimative resultater ved at udvikle de...

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